Leadership and Life Skills

Part of the development programme for our cadets is their personal growth as leaders. We believe in supporting them, training them, and then giving as much responsibility as they can handle. Our cadets will plan and teach lessons, take charge of activities with staff support, and ultimately help the next generation of cadets to become leaders themselves.

Instructor Cadet Development

The first stage of development is learning how to teach and instruct other cadets. Recognising the range of lesson types, the way to manage and control a classroom, and plan lessons for other cadets. We support this in a range of ways, including sending cadets on the London Wing Cadet Method of Instructor courses to gain their instructor cadet lanyard. Once our cadets have gained confidence, they start contributing to the training programme and manage training an incredible responsibility for someone just 16 years old!

Leadership and NCO Development

Some cadets show potential from the start of their career and earn promotion to Non-Commissioned Officer status through selection courses and a Squadron Board process. They can work their way through the rank structure from Corporal up to Cadet Warrant Officer getting more responsibility and leadership at each stage. Support and training are available at London Wing NCO courses, and the Squadron regularly sends cadets up to participate in the courses, and get to know different Squadrons and people across London. As they get more experience, they are encouraged to discuss their ideas and take the initiative in running Squadron activities and training.

First Aid Training

As well as their personal development as leaders, our cadets also gain practical qualifications and experience. We offer Heartstart qualifications to all cadets, together with the opportunity to participate in Youth First Aid, and more advanced qualifications.