In response to the rising number of cadets competing for flying and gliding training, 1921 Sqn started a project in 2013 to build a Flight Simulator. Using National Lottery funding, a small project team led by Sgt Steve Causton, Cdt FS Travis Tomlin and Cdt Cpl Dominic Paul spent many hours converting the former sports stores into a bespoke Flight Simulator. Designed to be multi-functional, and be able to convert into virtual cockpits for a variety of aircraft types from basic single-engine trainers to fast jets and commercial airlines the simulator offers cadets an infinite range of flying, weather and aircraft scenarios to keep them challenged and engaged.

Simulator Training:

The aim of the simulator is to deliver realistic pilot training for the cadets. We start with basic preparation for Air Experience Flights and Gliding Scholarships, showing the cadets the instruments, cockpit controls, and the principles of flight that they will need for their training.

The most exciting part of our simulator programme is the opportunity for cadets to volunteer and sign up for a virtual Private Pilots Licence syllabus of training. Using the Grob Tutor, flying from Biggin Hill Airport, the cadets have a sequence of lessons modelled on the UK CAA PPL specification. This exciting opportunity then leads to a variety of developmental ratings multi-engine, night and instrument flying, before moving up through a range of aircraft.


Flight Simulator

Aerospace and Simulator Instructor Courses

The Squadron has taken the lead in London Wing in developing instructor courses designed at helping and supporting cadets developing their capabilities in aerospace instruction. The first course ran in May 2014, and we hope to be able to help cadets across London access a range of flight simulator opportunities in Squadrons and Activity Centres in the region.


Aerospace Instructor Course