This page contains a range of resources that might be useful to you if you’re part of, or considering becoming part of 1921 (Lewisham) Squadron.

For new recruits:

Initial contact form, which you will complete when you visit the Squadron: Stat 1

A guide for you and your family on how the Squadron operates: 1921 Sqn, Guide for Families

A guide to how to wear, and look after, the issued blue uniform: Uniform Upkeep and Care

A short guide on what else you might want to buy as a cadet, including your “green” uniform: Recruit Kit Purchase Advice

Your training: core content of the First Class materials: First Class Cadet Logbook

Your training: the Recruit Drill test that you will ultimately work towards completing ahead of your Passing Out Parade: Sqn Recruit Drill Test

A Standing Order form, which you can complete to pay your subs by direct bank transfer each month: Sqn Standing Order Form

For Cadets:

Basic Consent Form: TG Form 21

Medical Consent Form, for specific conditions: TG Form 23