Cyber Security TrainingBronze Cyber Security awards

Cyber awareness and security are now part of Air Cadet Training. The “Internet of Things” is getting bigger and electronic privacy becomes ever more problematic. One of the core subjects our cadets now learn is Cyber Awareness and Cyber Security.

We also train cadets from other squadrons such as Bromley, Camberwell, Woolwich, Dulwich and Balham.

We often run a 1 day Bronze Foundation Cyber awarness course for up to 12 cadets. In June, 11 cadets from Woolwich squadron completed the 1 day Bronze Foundation Cyber awarness course. We delivered their certificates to Woolwhich squadron where more than 50% of them started their 8 week Cyber Specialist Silver Qualification. The silver is supported by our instructor with a goal of applying for a 1 week Gold Cyber next summer.

Well done to all 11 of them.

Would you like to learn about Cyber Awareness and Cyber security? If so contact us about joining.

The Air Cadet Cyber awareness training gives cadets a really good understanding of the internet around them and its risks.

Cyberspace Communications Specialists are a critical trade within the RAF and are highly saught after both inside and outside the RAF. As a Cyberspace Communications Specialist you could be responsible for the technology at the heart of the RAF. It would be your job to set up, operate and maintain the technology the RAF relies on to communicate.